Repurposing the past to power the future

Transforming the site of a former shoreline fossil fuel plant into a clean energy hub for New Jersey.

Rise Light & Power acquired the site of the former E.H. Werner Power Station in South Amboy, NJ, to transform what was a fossil fuel plant into a hub for clean energy. The Outerbridge Renewable Energy Center will serve to integrate multiple technologies to facilitate New Jersey’s transition to clean energy, without impacting New Jersey beaches. With Rise’s ongoing remediation efforts, the project will also lead to elimination of a once-contaminated brownfield site dating back to the 1930s.

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Bringing clean energy to 1.4 million homes

New Jersey has some of the nation’s leading offshore wind goals to help tackle the challenges of climate change. The Outerbridge Renewable Connector will enable the state to reach its goals and provide clean energy to 1.4 million homes — without the controversy and delay that come when wind power projects use the traditional method of burying cables under beaches.

Protecting beaches and environment

New Jersey’s beaches are a precious resource. They are places of recreation and renewal that define New Jersey. They must be protected. The Outerbridge Renewable Connector is located in a unique, industrial-zoned location — a former coal-fired power station in South Amboy — that avoids recreational beaches, residential communities, and wildlife management areas. Rise is committed to extensive, ongoing communication with residents, local officials, labor, business and environmental advocates to seek input during development of the project.


The Outerbridge Renewable Connector project will create over $1 billion in economic value to the state, including nearly $88 million in tax revenue for state and local governments. Rise Light & Power is also committed to fund and implement programs to build the local economy and support workforce development.


Rise Light & Power has a proud history of supporting the communities that host its projects and will be a good neighbor and partner to towns within the area of the Outerbridge Renewable Connector project. The company will make support available for community projects and organizations and work with the public and elected officials to meet local needs.

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